Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello Everyone!
      Oh my goodness it has been such a long time since I have been here, writing to you! About a week I believe! So much going on. School work: papers, essays, math problems and what not. Then on top of that, Things have just been so hectic. Life's little measures and crazy surprises. What can I do you know? hahah Did we all have a fantastic weekend?? Any out of state travelers? Fishing stories? Anyone chased by a bear?
This week, I had two tests, and got essay results. So next week should be a breeze. To end off this week, a fabulous date with a fabulous friend is on friday, so good hopes to start off a splendid weekend (:Any who,
Today's topic: Updating

This just in. . .
      Everything around us updates all the time. From technology, to plant growth in the neighbors garden. Everything updating every single day. Right before our eyes!

Here is an update of my life for you!
I am going to be a mentor for a child who's both parents are incarcerated. I did touch be on this already in a previous blog. Well it is through a program called America on Track! It is really incredible, and actually nationally recognized. Presidents of years past have all made note on it and have seen for them selves how greet the program is. Really, If you are at all interested in it, I think you should check out the web site. I am certain that where ever you are, and when ever you are ready, the have an office and an opportunity waiting for you. Even if you are under the age of 18! check it out! they always need mentors. I'll post several links for you. (:



I recently got my ears pierced, and guess what! Yesterday was the first day that I actually changed them and wore earrings that i loved. AND today! I wore the incredible dangly earrings that Melody got me from Iran. Ah i was SO very happy to wear them. I really took them off just now only to sit her and be comfy and write this; otherwise, they'd still be on.

My little baby ears that are really only about this size hurt soooo badly. Haha and now they are supporting actual jewelry. SURPRISE!

My ears can now support everything! hah like the feathers
and also all the adorable Betsy Johnson ones!

Then there are even those crazy ones if i really wanted and absolutely HAD to. hahaha

are these heads not a little creepy?
AND even better. . .

The flying monkeys from Wizard of OZ. (:
hahahahah I love those. 

OH! I did want to update you on my friend that I refer to here as the stripper. She actually accidentally confessed her love for her TA the other day. He really heard her say the word 'propose'. Perfect right? Apparently he turned tomato red when he heard it, and had that look on his face that he was SO happy that she felt the same way. HA! I guess we will see where that decides to take us. I'll definitely keep you updated on that!

This is actually how she pictured proposing to him. . . BUT you know, she accidentally dropped the bomb... and HE FREAKED OUT.

He looked like this

fabulous right?

hahah bless her little heart.

Anywho, that is really all the updates I have for tonight. I suppose I will sleep now, since I must attend my teacher's office hours at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. :P I will most definitely be here again! Keep reading! Thank God you are alive again tonight to read my words. (: 

THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!  <--- click there. on track really is a good thing(: 

fun fact:Some Chinese believe that swinging the arms cures headaches

C'est la vie
Ciao for now<3

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